3 Things You Can (and Should) Easily Automate Right Now

4 October 2012-Claudine Motto

There is no good reason to have something take up your mental space, energy, or time when you can automate the process so that it happens without you.

This is especially true of things that if you don’t get around to doing and something goes wrong can leave you with problems that can take a lot of time or energy to deal with.

Today I share with you 3 things you can – and should – easily automate right now. Read more..

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Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time?

21 September 2012-Claudine Motto

When I ask clients or potential clients to describe any areas where they’re feeling out of control, one answer I hear often is:

“I have too many ideas.”

It’s been my experience in working with these clients – whether they’re business owners or executives – that the real issue is never “too many ideas,” but the underlying feeling, and in some cases anxiety, of wanting to execute all those ideas NOW. It’s the belief that if they’re not working on many ideas at once, they’re not doing enough. Read more..

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Stop Using “Busy” as a Reason for Not Keeping Your Word

23 August 2012-Claudine Motto
miss train

“Sorry I missed the deadline, I’ve just been so busy.”

“Sorry I didn’t get back to you on that, I’ve just been so busy.”

Have you been on the receiving end of those statements lately?
Or have you been on the giving end?

It’s an “easy” answer, much like “fine” or “great” when someone asks us how we’re doing, even though we may be far from feeling anywhere near great.

But “busy” is a lame excuse. Even when and if we are over-the-top-busy. Read more..

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