Business Coaching Services

About Claudine

You know how they say that to find your passion, you need to pay attention to what you’re naturally drawn to?

Well, that’s exactly how I came to do what I do. I was in corporate for 10 years in New York, where I advanced from Administrative Assistant to Manager of Operations within a few years. When my husband and I decided we needed a change and moved to Florida, I wasted no time and hired a wonderful coach, Marilena Beuses, to help me figure out where I could best use my experience and skills. It was through my work with her that I realized that all my experience held some common threads: systems, coordination, and efficiency.

And so in 2007, I decided to use those skills to help women entrepreneurs and business owners create more efficient businesses so they could work less but achieve even more, and have more fun and less stress doing it. And I’ve been loving the work ever since – I get to work with smart, driven, ambitious people to help them solve their business and productivity challenges – from multi-million dollar realtors to executives and their teams, non-profits, and global corporations. I can’t imagine work more rewarding and fun than helping people and teams reach their goals.

Just like my clients love to learn and grow, I love to learn and grow, and so I continuously invest in myself and my skills. I keep abreast of the latest time management, efficiency, and productivity tools and systems for business and personal productivity because that translates into richer business coaching services and solutions for my clients.

When I am not working, I enjoy reading time management, business, and self-development books, watching my cat Goblin enjoy the sun spot on the patio (Goblin passed in December 2012, but I cannot bear to take his name away yet so it will remain here a while), playing with my other cat Rattie (a stray who was supposed to stay with us only until we found him a new home – and here we are, years later at the time of this writing), and going out for Spanish food (and sometimes salsa dancing!) with my husband (and best friend) John.

If YOU want to be more efficient in your business, so you can achieve more, make more money (and yes, even have more fun) – let’s talk. Contact me to be considered for a 20-minute complimentary consulting session so we can discuss your goals and see whether we’re a good match.

Background & Experience

  • Operations, Administration, and IT background
  • Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) in Outlook 2007
  • NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) training
  • Clients include entrepreneurs, non-profits, small business owners, and corporate staff